Our Pole Barn Home

11034900_10153078206345937_4588091726805282708_nAs our pole barn house reaches completion we have gotten a lot of questions from other people interested in the construction of pole barn houses.  So I am going to try to write about it here to answer them once as thoroughly as possible.

The house is actually ready to be lived in but since we haven’t sold our current home, right now Wards’ Wilderness is acting as a getaway…mostly for Jason.  A Man-Hideaway.  He is enjoying the quiet and isolation; the wildlife and the beautiful scenery.  We are making another push to sell our house and hope to be living in the woods by the end of the summer.7586_10152820797480937_7820316306564319758_n

11013081_10153078205875937_6435738852316378696_n20522_10153080285645937_4812032352570823168_nWe bought a Pole Barn House kit from Southerlands on 21st between Memorial and Mingo.  We bought a 40x40x10 kit which included 8 windows and 2 doors.  We added an extra door.  The kit was $14,000.  We hired two brothers that are builders that we had used in the past (to remodel our donut shop) to put the kit together and build it out 10454493_10152470811480937_6063760216125472099_nto be a house.  I designed the floor plan.  We sub contracted a concrete company to pour us a 60×40 pad so that we could have 10 foot porches on front and back.  They did this after our builders had put in10423725_10152621182985937_3260658211287172191_n the foundation plumbing.  The concrete guys also came back after the walls were up and roof was on to stain the interior concrete.  The cost to the concrete guys was $12,000.  My dad came to visit and helped my husband put in all the electricity and then Jason had an electrician come check everything out and fix any errors.

One of the main reasons we decided to build where we did on the property is because the septic, well, propane tank, and electric were already located in that spot.  This saved us a lot of money.  We had the septic cleaned, the well filtered, and the propane tank filled.

10251989_10152756064725937_7235540139120857195_nI picked out lights, bathroom vanities, bathtub, shower,  and kitchen sink at Lowes.  As well as door handles, light switches and all the little details.  The interior doors we bought at Day’s Discount Lumber and we love them!

For our Kitchen Cabinets I searched high and low for a cabinet company that would make “rustic” cabinets.  I finally found Custom Woodwork in Sapulpa on Hobson.  The owner was great to work with.  He understood what I was looking for.  The cabinets are so beautiful.  We also had them build us floor to ceiling bookshelves in the living room as well as the cabinets in each bathroom.  I would highly recommend them.  Beautiful, quality woodwork, good prices, and great customer service.10258059_10152773234370937_6142912571956118815_n

Then we had custom rough edge granite countertops made and installed by Hoffman Kitchen and Bath in Tulsa.  Another company I highly recommend.

10403357_10152773234325937_4500550379892471127_nAfter the builders finished in September we have been slowly adding our own details to the house.  My sister and I stained and polyurethaned the kitchen cabinets.  Jason and another friend helped stain the wood in the rest of the house.  Jason and his friend Joel put up a pallet wall that I had envisioned and it goes beautifully with the dining room lighting and the beautiful Farm Table I had made by a guy on Craigslist.  Recently, Jason had a friend of his put LED lighting under the upper kitchen cabinets.  I am still looking for a vintage screen door to put on the pantry.

Overall, we have spent more money on this home that we at first planned to; we could have done more of it ourselves, we could have bought less expensive finishes.  But we have had a lot of fun designing and decorating this home to our “rustic industrial” tastes.

If you are looking into building a pole barn house and have questions about how we have done things, don’t hesitate to comment on this blog with your questions or hit me up on Facebook if we are friends.


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