“MLM” or home party Business recommendations

“MLM” type businesses I highly recommend

In the past I have never been much for MLM or home party type businesses.  You know the kind where you have to annoy your friends and get them to have parties or come to your parties so you can get stuff or make money.  Or worse, you are constantly turning conversation topics towards your business and trying to get people to sign up under you.  Granted, when I had parties I usually had a good time but as a natural introvert I am just not one of those people that readily takes on inviting and reminding people to come and hyping a product.  And really, not many of the products caught my attention.  I don’t really do make up or jewelry.  Kitchen stuff is a maybe meaning I can be persuaded to buy a little but may or may not ever use it.  When my oldest daughter was a baby I tried to sell Discovery Toys because I really wanted to earn the toys for her.  I wasn’t very good at it.  In fact I was so nervous before a party that I actually hoped no one there would sign up to be a hostess and I would have to do it all over again.  I wouldn’t say I was shy exactly I just don’t like speaking in front of people all that much.  I have matured in this area a bit, mostly because we own a business where I dealt with the public quite a bit.  I bought the Creative Memories consultant kit a few years ago just to get the good deal on the kit and only had one party for my pre teen daughters.

I have explained all of that to show you that I am not a MLM sales person but I do believe that the best advertising is word of mouth and to that end I am going to tell you about three MLM companies I discovered in the past year that have, well, they have changed my life to some degree or another.


First and most importantly is Isagenix.  If you have read any of my previous posts you will know a little about my Isagenix journey.  So let me briefly sum it up so far here.  Coming up on my 41st birthday last September I realized that I was fat, out of shape, exhausted, unhealthy, and going downhill fast.  I have always had bad eating habits and I do not lose weight easily.  I heard about Isagenix from some facebook friends, I asked some questions, did some research (my B.S. is in the Health Fitness field, Ironic I know) and decided to try it as a birthday present for me.  I immediately broke my addiction

IsaGenix 17 Weeks22lbs and 43" gone

IsaGenix 17 Weeks
22lbs and 43″ gone

to soda and most of the junk I lived on and all of a sudden had energy to make it through the day without a nap!  As a bonus, I have lost 22 pounds and I’m down 3 pants sizes.  I admit I enjoyed Holiday food a bit too much which slowed my weight loss but I am excited to be going into a new year weighing less than I did last year at this time and feeling so much healthier, energetic and optimistic about my health!  All of their products are made from the best ingredients and work together to cleanse your body of toxins and feed you completely nutritional shake/meals – safely and effectively.  I will post more   about my IsaGenix journey this year so stay tuned.

My Isagenix webpage is http://rosyward.isagenix.com/us/en/home.dhtml# .  You will notice if you go to my webpage that I haven’t really personalized it much yet.

UnknownSecond, Several years ago I tried the extreme coupon game and I also tried the homemade products lifestyle.  I will admit I wasn’t very good at it.  I find it very hard to shop at four or five places, only get coupon items that are on sale (many of which I don’t really like or need but hey they are on sale and I have a coupon) all while shopping with impatient little boys.  Every time I thought I was going to save a ton of money I would spend more because I was buying things that we didn’t really need or use or like because I could get it so cheap.  I made homemade laundry soap and fabric softener only to find that I was allergic and my skin broke out.  We also didn’t like the smell.  And, honestly, I am just too busy at this point in my life to focus on cutting coupons and matching store sales and driving around or for making homemade stuff.  My husband feels lucky at this point when I take the time to make his favorite habanero salsa and jellies.  At the same time I want to find good hygiene and cleaning products without breaking the budget. I was thinking about this when several other things happened.  We bought a High Energy washer and my clothes started feeling stiffer and smelling funny. The washer uses less water and I feel like the clothes don’t get rinsed well enough.  Also many of the detergents aren’t good for the efficiency of our aerobic septic system.  Our new dishwasher had to be repaired twice in the first year we bought it and the second time the

My Melaleuca cleaning cupboard

My Melaleuca cleaning cupboard

repairman actually told me that dishwasher detergents weren’t really good for the machines and that after so many washes I needed to run vinegar through to clean it out. (OK?!?)  To top it off my two year old had taken to creating sharpie art on my cheaply painted walls.  Any real scrubbing took off the paint but not very much of the sharpie.  I was complaining about this sharpie thing to my sister in law while visiting her in Colorado and she gave me a bottle of her Sol-u-mel by a company called Melaleuca.  I had heard of this company because a relative was a distributor and often talked about it on Facebook.  I never really paid attention because I thought it was something like the Amway from my youth.  But I brought the Sol-u-mel home and wiped the wall – sharpie came off, paint stayed.  Then I thought, hmmm I wonder if it will get stains out of the carpet so I tried that and it worked.  I started asking my relative on FB about the products and the next month she said hey, usually it costs $29 to become a distributor but this month it is only $1.  So I figured what the heck, I could try the products I wanted then get out when I had enough.  I wasn’t going to sell the stuff or try to sign other people up so I kinda ignored the business chat.  Well, let me tell you here – I have loved almost every product I have ordered from them and so has my husband.  The laundry soap leaves my clothes clean, soft and unscented.  The dishwasher soap is awesome!  The shampoo and conditioner have started taming my frizzy hair (sulfate free).  Their tooth polish is fluoride free and my husband really likes it.  I could go on and on. Their cold medicine works great as does their allergy meds.  So you ask, what about the cost?  It isn’t coupon or homemade cheap and you do have to pay shipping but I have found that it is more than worth it.  The products are super concentrated, environmentally friendly, non toxic, work great, smell good and all of my “allergic” family members are happy with the changes.  The products themselves probably fall within the median cost range.  For instance, the Laundry detergent is cheaper than Tide but more than Purex.  Another reason I love ordering from Melaleuca is the time and energy it saves.  I don’t have to go to the store and figure out what products to get or feel guilty for not using the coupons I clipped and left on my desk.  I totally skip the cleaning aisles at the store and most of the hygiene and pharmacy products.  The grocery store where I love to buy food is more expensive on their cleaning and hygiene stuff and I used to drive over to Walmart to get these items and I don’t have to do that anymore.  I feel good about ordering products from Melaleuca and I would definitely recommend them.

31 gifts

31 gifts

Lastly, I have recently found a fun, Christian, home party company that is helping me get organized in a fun and decorative way.  “Thirty-one gifts” is a company that started in Ohio and is pretty big out east but is just starting to make its way to the Midwest.  My best friend, who lives in North Carolina is a new consultant and started telling me about it.  The products are bags, totes, purses, organizers, etc that come in different and coordinating patterns, many of which can be personalized or monogrammed.  The name comes from Proverbs 31 and their mission is to help women in their journey to be a Proverbs 31 kind of woman.  A woman who is organized, takes care of her family, works hard, and creates an income.  Her husband is respected because of the work she does for the family.  The goal isn’t just about selling bags but about ministry; women hanging out and

Get Organized with 31!

Get Organized with 31!

encouraging other women in their walk with the Lord and as wives and mothers.  When my friend realized there were VERY few consultants in my area she used that as excuse to come for a visit and throw a couple of parties.  So of course now I am a consultant.  I signed up mainly to get a great deal on the products I love but I would gladly recommend them and throw a party or two.  As a homeschool mom, I need a good reason to socialize.

There are my three MLM/home party business  recommendations!  If you are interested in any of these and would like more information please feel free to contact me and I will try to answer your questions.



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